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Custom, Hand-Wired, Vintage, Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifier 

"Eraserhed is a custom, one a kind, tube guitar amplifier built in an upcycled cabinet.

The amplifier features a custom single ended circuit (Eraserhed) using 6SN7 and 6V6 tubes, a high quality Jensen speaker, and around 8W of beautiful tone. I’ve built several of these and they’ve been used locally to record several albums. You won’t find another amplifier that sounds like this one. Guaranteed. I specifically select the highest quality vintage parts for the tone path. Vintage tubes. Vintage capacitors. Vintage resistors. All components have been tested to ensure reliability. Unlike most smaller amplifiers, this one has both headroom AND heavy distortion at max. Most people ask what pedal I’m using when playing it at max—none. Feel free to ask any questions about it. All of my amplifiers come with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship, and I live locally and so this for a living. If you ever have an issue with the amp, I’ll respond and fix it. No issues as of yet. 🙂

Own a one of a kind amp for less than a generic brand!" 

- Matthew Loyd

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